Glass Genesis - Completed

In a world where humans have hybridized with gemstones, a teenage girl must face two enemies intent on ending her life to save their own. When she unknowingly befriends one of them, lives intertwine and decisions previously simple become the most difficult of all.

Aiama Alyin Vretsen has never considered her existence a blessing, for with it comes a life of deception, danger, and lies. Like every Linnae before her, Aiama must battle two powerful enemies: the Rinnin and Dracne. Her death will extend their unnaturally short lives. For centuries, the heirs of the Rinnin and Dracne dynasties have fought over the incumbent Linnae, making Aiama no more than a trophy.

But Aiama’s not having it. With sixteen years of training under her belt, Aiama bears the ability to forge and wield her gemstone blood with pure mental concentration—a weapon she isn’t afraid to use. Determined to avoid the legacy of the Linnae, Aiama prepares to fight, and win.

Seizing an opportunity to find the incumbent Rinnin, Aiama leaves her court life and journeys to the city where her enemy is predicted to appear. Her plan: eliminate the Rinnin so she can focus on the stronger of the two, the Dracne. Along the way, Aiama meets Ekay, an extremely sarcastic and well-read commoner who challenges her assumptions, loudly. Just as their friendship starts to deepen, secrets are revealed and Aiama realizes that there was a special connection between them—just not the one she was hoping for.

© Sarah C. Norvell 2015