Synergy - 8%

And you thought your college application process was bad.

Over fifty years ago, the Top Forty colleges and universities in the nation faced a troublesome problem. The placement rate of their graduates was mysteriously dropping. Up to their necks in pending lawsuits, the Top Forty banded together and created an alternative application process called Synergy—a virtual reality game designed to promote team-working skills, the very skills their graduates lacked. In a simulated world all of their own, players walk the line between competition and friendship as they all contend for a spot in the Elite 100. To them, Synergy is the first step towards a perfect future.

To Rebecca Agnelli, Synergy is the first step towards a life dictated by her parents. She dreams of attending art school, but her parents, veterans of Synergy, want her to follow in their footsteps and attend Arkenbridge, one of the Top Forty. Rebecca is forced to participate in Synergy, but secretly plans to drop out.

But when she discovers quitting will stain her permanent record, Rebecca—inwardly sarcastic, outwardly shy—is stuck in a game where the one thing she needs is the one thing she doesn’t have. Courage.

© Sarah C. Norvell 2015